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Earrings Of The Month Club Sign Up

$20.00 - $80.00

Pictured is an example of the $80 option.
• Earrings vary in style but can be any of the following: beaded, dentalium shells, painted parfleche, resin, sterling silver and natural shell.
• Price range determines the size of the earrings; $20 can be anywhere between 1" and 3" and the $80 is between 5" and 12".
• Earring gift baskets can also randomly include any of the following: perfumes, cosmetic products, lotions, stationery, stickers, hand sanitizer, cosmetic bags, hair products, beauty face masks and many other kinds of self care products.

* Please provide accurate contact information for me to reach out to you in regards to allergies or anything of the sort *
* You choose the price range you want to pay every month. Payments for the upcoming month are due the 25th of each month. Payments can be made through the website or to pay via PayPal/Venmo/Cashapp/FB Pay/Zelle please contact me on Instagram or at [email protected] *

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